Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tata Indicom Broadband India - The worst choice ever

Now.. this is something which was expected much much earlier....
It says I am not the only one who is suffering with the services of tata indicom broadband from VSNL.
Here is a documentary of the pathetic service provided by tata broadband

At last I am kicking the connection out

I had a real test for my patience level with Tata Indicom Broadband, giving too many chances to them hoping that they will improve their services and give a trouble free internet experience - But It's not..

Last month I had a downtime of 10 days+ and as usual they are playing with me (As usual) not giving proper response whether they will give validity extension in lieu for the downtime.

So.. that ends it (of course not.. I have to send a legal notice to them and take my issues to the consumer forum as they have made me to suffer so far)

If you have used Tata Indicom Broadband, no need to explain to you how pathetic their service is.

I happened to be a customer of theirs and had a real test for my patience level. Read it more at Tata Indicom Broadband story.

Well I am not alone while expressing my experience to the public. I have seen a lot of bloggers like me expressing their frustration on Tata Indicom Broadband Internet connection. This is an attempt from me to group everyone together in my fight against the poor services provided by tata indicom broadband from VSNL.

Read them below

Complaints Board - Tata Indicom Broadband

vishnuvardhan on tata indicom broadband

Tata Broadband Blog

kamlabhatt's problems with Tata Indicom Broadband

Pathetic Tata Indicom Broadband service in Delhi

MouthShut Reviews on VSNL Tata Broadband

Whats up with Tata Indicom Broadband?

tata indicom broadband issues..

Tata Indicom Broadband - Heights of incompetence

Red Alert: Escape from Tata Indicom!

Here's My Story

In November 2005 I opted for a broadband connection from Tata Indicom Broadband from VSNL as I had no other provider in my area and being a small installation fee of 1000 Rs. But the service till now is really pathetic. Initially I used to have frequent disconnection, adding to worries, I had to spend of my mobile airtime calling customer service and raising complaint/follow up. There were instances where I made complaints / follow ups more than 10 times in a month with average calling time of 10 minutes.
many a times I had to give multiple complaints for the same disconnection due to this situation. My connection was down once, I complained to them, but they closed my complaint saying that same evening some representative had called me and found that it is working fine. I DIDN'T RECEIVE ANY CALL AND IT IS STILL NOT WORKING !! This is a real cheating from their end.
I had a little more annoying experience with them

I went in for an online renewal for my connection, after paying at the credit card payment gateway, getting back to their site, it showed an error page. (payment was completed, but a server error happened with their system). It took me 2 months to settle this issue and at the expense of 10 calls to customer care (average length of call - 12 mins from my mobile).

I never had a full month since last Nov in which I got uninterrupted connectivity. Every month I had to spent additional money in terms of my mobile bills (the calls I make to customer care).


Now I am using my airtel mobile connection and a mobile connected to PC for browsing as I can't rely on Tata Indicom Broadband any more as they will dump you when you are really in need of internet. Dont take tata indicom broadband internet connection and kick them out of industry.

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Updates on my issue on 16th jan 2007

In the month of September and October 2006, I faced 2 huge downtime of about 10 and 20 days.. Together 30 days..
All these days Tata Indicom VSNL people kept of charging 16.67 Rs per day from my prepaid balance. I informed that such thing is happening and I wanted credit of these many days where connection was down and charged. I never got a reply stating that we will credit.. Where is customer service here..

November 13, 2006 was the day my account was supposed to be renewed. I decided that I am not going to renew as these people will take advantage that I will continue to be a customer even if they didn't give credit for downtime. I informed them by email and calling customer service that I have decided to opt out of service unless they give full credit of 30 days of internet usage accounting for the downtime. My account went inactive due to non renewal and I had about 430 Rs balance in my account. One month renewal for their On and On 64 kbps package is 561 Rs. So my loss at that point was around 1000 not taking into consideration the cost incurred in calling to consumer support.

It is 16th january 2007 and a person from Tata Indicom broadband to enquire why I am renewing my account. I told the same old story which leads me to decide why I am not renewing my account. Finally what I heard from him is proceed to consumer forum and file case against tata indicom

Now its left to the reader to decide to take or continue with the Internet package from VSNL or Tata Indicom Broadband.

Please support me in this cause by spreading my word.

Updates on my tussle with Tata Indicom Broadband

Day before yesterday i.e 1st Feb. I got a call from one of the executive from Tata Indicom Broadband. She informed me that my account is inactive (I Know that) and there is some offer with which they can offer me 30 days validity extension at the expense of 200 Rs out of the 405 Rs balance I have. I told here yes and activate my account.
I was back on my Tata Indicom (Broadband is it ? ) connection. I felt at least I am able to use something what is owed to me.


Today i.e 3rd Feb which is a Saturday (You know saturday is a holiday even for tata indicom broadband connection), not to my surprise IT IS DOWN AGAIN ( OMG This shit again..).

I am not surprised, not angry.... BUT IT PROVES THAT THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS

The connection was back working very next day (Surprisingly !!). But I had by that time taken another internet week from Airtel mobile as I can't be without the link to the outside world :).

Saturday 24th Feb

Not a surprise again, the net is down. My modem light is blinking suggesting that there is some connection fault - something very usual on Tata Indicom Broadband VSNL network only. ( I am contacting airtel again for the slow internet (but always on) dial up connection on mobile)

Your usage has exceeded 80% of the validity in the Broadband Account

Thats the first mail (obviously from tata indicom broadband vsnl) I am seeing on connecting through my mobile on Saturday morning.

This is noteworthy to mention that they are very punctual in reminding you that "Your usage has exceeded 80% of the validity in the Broadband Account" , 90% etc.. Also you will get at least 3 calls from agencies offering renewal pack to my doorstep.


Why I should renew or buy something which I am not going to receive ?

Hope its not you who is going to suffer like this .........

Do you know Tata Indicom broadband is going to be a real looser in this story. They are having a close watch on this page to see what I am going to write next..

Here is the proof. They are in fact watching everyone who write their bad experience with tata indicom broadband..

Below is the visitor stats (especially the visitor activity from Tata Indicom Broadband - VSNL). Click on the image to view complete.

Updated stats on 1st march 07

Frustration continues

An executive from Tata Indicom Broadband kept on calling me asking why I am not renewing my account. hearing him plead to try it another time, on 12th of March, I took a new unlimited 128kbps pack and.......

Its 4th day today and my network is still down. The experiment to try Tata Indicom Broadband for the last time was an utter failure.

If you are a Tata Indicom VSNL Broadband Customer, and facing problems like me (I am sure you will be), throw them out.. switch to Airtel or BSNL and slap them on their face.. MAKE THEM SHUT DOWN

Tata's ....... Learn how to please customers rather than riding on the reputation you gathered in past for cheating customers now.

Here is a new slogan for Tata Indicom Broadband which I feel they can modify to market their services better.. !!

"Do More, Live More, Test your patience level with Tata Indicom Broadband" !!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Car Scratches ??

Car scratches is painful to an owner and the pain is more when the car is new. Finishing the car paint is done in the manufacturing unit using sophisticated machinery, but same cannot be afforded when you try to repair the scratch. Prevention is always better than cure.. So its always be careful not to make any scratches on car than thinking "How Much Does It Cost To Fix Car Scratches" . When car scratch really occur , you can go for a minor patch work , but there is no perfection guaranteed.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Car Scratches .... Dont think about it any more.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

How To Fix An Ipod If It Shows Error

How To Fix An Ipod If It Shows Error -- You would have bought an ipod recently and one day you find it misbehaving and you start asking this - How To Fix An Ipod If It Shows Error

Well, ipod is a complex device, built into a tiny form. Apple has done a wonderful job in it, but if you find anything wrong, it is advisable to get it to a service center rather than looking around and saying - How To Fix An Ipod If It Shows Error !!

Monday, September 25, 2006

What Is the Size of a Standard Volleyball Court

I have asked this many times to me - What Is the Size of a Standard Volleyball Court.

After doing a bit of research I found it..

It is generally 36 m X 9 m.

the attack line is 10 m from the net position.

There should be an extra 5 m on each side for the person who throws.

There can be 1 m space on the side , seats can be arranged beyond this point.

After reading this I hope you will not raise this question again - What Is the Size of a Standard Volleyball Court ?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Previous posts


I just thought of posting some links of my previous posts for someones who have not read them.

Keep reading...

Dump your articles to Directory

Of late I have launched an article directory with a search engine friendly script from ArticleMS.
The directory provided a platform where in writers can publish their articles.

Submitting articles in this Article Directory - ArticleDump help in many ways.. First it gives you an option to publish your articles at no cost. We don’t charge anything to publish your articles in our site.

Second thing is if you are pointing any link to your site from the article you are submitting, it serves a back link for your site and helps it for a search engine visibility.

Your articles are manually verified by a human editor and it will be set live within no time after publishing.

What are you waiting for now? Dump your article straight away!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Free Content Databases and Scripts

If you are an SEO, and have used Digital point COOP or link vault, you will be knowing how useful a turnkey readymade website can be. Researching on such websites, I came across a site which offers Free Content Databases and Scripts
The site offers large amount of content in the form of articles, lyrics or scripts, which you can download in the form of a database dump. This in turn can be used to make a huge website within no time. Get it indexed and you can use the weight given by COOP or link vault for ranking of your important sites.
Check out this DB Seller now and make a large content site.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Instant Personal Loan in UK

If you are from UK and look for a quick personal loan, here is the one for you - instant personal loan which can assure you an instant decision on your personal loan application. Check out relate instant loan options available.
Hope this can help you to eliminate your financial worries.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Anatrim - A new weight loss product

Anatrim is a new weight loss product that works by suppressing your appetite. It is said to be all natural and without undesirable side effects. Does it really work or is it just another hyped up product? Well that’s exactly what the anatrim blog is working to find out. It’s a good resource and an easy read, no complicated or hyped up stories.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

UK Finance Directory Launched

As you all know, finance industry in UK is huge and internet marketing for the UK industry is very competitive.

This made me launch a useful directory - UK Finance Directory for the webmasters of UK finance sites.

If you are a webmaster of a UK related finance website, dont forget to submit to this directory. All sites are reviewed manually before including to the directory. If you are just looking for financial information in UK, I assure you that I will provide you quality resources for you. Please check out different UK Finance categories in this directory.

Indian Webmasters met in Delhi

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Looking for Debt management in UK?

Are you looking for Debt Management ?
I have found a very good Debt management Company at , which helps people to manage their multiple debts and rescue people out of credit card debt.
Debts can cause sleepless nights for anyone and that makes normal life miserable. Check out their services and I am sure that they provide the proper solution for you. End your Debt management UK search now.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My SEO Friendly Directory

There is some good news for directory submitters and webmasters. I have launched a new Free SEO Friendly Directory which accepts free inclusion. Reciprocal links are optional but would always be preferred. The manual review and acceptance period, I would like to have is within 24 hours..

The SEO Friendly Directory sitemap has the main category listings of this directory.

Keep submitting your websites and find it listed in under 24 hours..

Monday, July 17, 2006

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is a very common financial term nowadays, majorly because of the fact that a major population of UK is suffering from it.
There are companies which help people to come out of debt, Debt management is another related service which manage current debts of an individual and help him avoid bankruptcy.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

eWebPages Web Directory

I've come across what will likely be one of the premier second tier web directories earlier this week. It's currently parked, but I did get a preview of what eWebPages Web Directory will look like once it launches publicly later this month.

Its unique design will stand out amongst all of the general directories using free templates. I have a suspicion of who the directory owners are, and it'll likely be one of the more popular web directories. They're known to promote their projects well.

I caught a glimpse of the submission prices, and they're reasonable one time fees; $29.95 for a Featured Listing, $9.95 for a Standard Listing. It might be a good idea to take advantage of the initial pricing before its popularity increases and the prices increase. It's rumored that free listings will be offered initially.

The guidelines are typical of most web directories; adult entertainment and sites offering products, services or information that might be illegal will not be included. I'd say that Web Directory is one to add to the directory watch list. Happy submitting.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Getting Sick of Internet Marketing?

With all the get-rich-quick schemes out there mixed with the hard work and long days, internet marketing can really get on your nerves. Everyone has a bad day now and then, some people just have more than others!

Finally, someone is taking the time to rant about all of the crap out there instead of blindly promoting every new product hoping for a commission. You can probably remember a time that you thought that internet marketing sucked. You’re not alone. If you want to read some funny (and informative) rants, check out the Internet Marketing Sucks Blog!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

business card design for less than $10

Business cards have for a long time been a sore spot for many companies. Nobody wanted to design their business cards, and company owners didn't want to pay to have them designed. Now, there are companies who will do business card design for less than $10 for a template. At $10, any company can afford business card design!

Monday, June 26, 2006

$1 per month for 2 Banners does not only bring you a unique method of advertising, but also offers a 100% free to enter competition. You can advertise 2 full size banners for $1 per month behind the internet's first Treasure Map.
Available at

Finding Memorable Domain Names

Finding memorable domain names is becoming increasingly difficult as most short domain names are no longer available. Finding short or memorable domain names with the .com extension is always preferred.

Hyphens are one option, but they make it more difficult to communicate the web address, and most everyone is used to typing domain names without hyphens.

Combining words to create an easy to remember domain name is an option, such as combining cyber and advantage for for an online marketing firm.

If you're having trouble finding memorable or meaningful domain names available, another area to consider is the domain name aftermarket. Quite a few quality domain names are for sale.

Searching for SEO related domain names at a popular domain name marketplace, we found on the first page. Catchy name, and probably available for a reasonable price.

Creating a memorable domain name is one of the primary concerns once you decide to create your online presence., An SEO friendly web directory

I've noticed that a lot of new sites are getting high serp in Google lately. Take a web directory launched a month ago, placed top 20 for keyword SEO friendly web directory in the first 2 weeks of launch and now in the low teens. Granted, A lot of webmasters are saying that newer sites mostly get high serp when they are new and slowly fades out. Google is getting slack, plus there is only 11-15 million return for that keyword anyway.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Black iPod Video at

Lately, I have really wanted one of those new iPod Videos, it would be so cool to be able to watch movies or listen to music where ever I am whenever I want. Problem is, I don't have the cash. I thought about an iPod Nano, which are totally sweet, but no movies. My friend told me about this cool site, you can get an iPod Video for under $20, if you are lucky. He told me about the site, since he won an iPod Nano and only paid $15. He hopes to win the Black iPod Video that is for sale right now, but I am going to win it! You should check it out too, just don't bid on the black iPod Video, it's mine!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Indian Webmaster met in Delhi

Indian webmasters and SEO's who are users of digitalpoint forums met in New Delhi. DigitalPoint is a very good meeting place for webmasters to share their views. More info about the meet and photos are found at SEO Meeting to be specific, at SEO Meeting Webmaster Pictures page.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Expert SEO. Search Engine Optimization tips and Tricks

I found a fellow SEO's blog - Expert SEO. Search Engine Optimization tips and Tricks, a cool one which explains from basics some good points about SEO. Few would also would like to see the proper use of robots.txt as explained in this blog. Cool one to have a good look.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Link Building Guide from Jim Westergren

Main factor for ranking in search engines (Google especially) is backlinks (Links pointed to your page from other websites).
I have seen a new excellent article from Jim Westergren: Link Building Guide.
This guide gives guidelines and methods for you to use in your link building, check it out!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Split Testing with SiteSpect

Have you ever wondered how your site's visitors would behave if you served them different content? Would a different image, product description or promotion be more effective at persuading visitors to make a purchase, register for an account, or submit a lead? A new product called SiteSpect gives web marketers the ability to perform split testing to answer these questions. What is web site split testing? It's a way to test many different versions of a page and determine which one performs best. SiteSpect turns your web site into a virtual marketing lab, making it easy to run split tests with your actual end users. And best of all, SiteSpect doesn't require any installation or modification to your site.

webmaster forum

The best bit that I was amazed about was that it has a great webmaster forum, I was looking around the website, I think its going to do very well and will become very big for webmasters getting help on SEO and internet marketing.

webmaster SEO Help

Being a great lover of search engine optimization (SEO) that I am, I love to look around the internet for lots of new SEO tips and help, when I came across this new looking webmaster site for webmaster SEO Help, there are lots of great articles and SEO tutorials.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Computer Repair and PC Tech Support Services at CreativeIT

Computer repair can be frustrating, but
we're here to help. CreativeIT has been providing free computer help
and tech support services to the Internet community for several years.
CreativeIT has numerous websites with various tech themes. Each of
these sites were created to provided the best tech services on the
Web. Bookmark our website! You'll get daily tech support and computer
tips from certified professionals in the industry.
For more information log on or you can mail at :

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My Hostname

Sometimes I need to know my IP and my hostname and I'm too lazzy to open the command prompt. So I just visit and this website shows my hostname and my IP. I also work in the hosting business and it's the easiest way to lookup a client's IP and hostname. Instead of explaining all the steps for him to check his IP through the command prompt I just tell them to visit and it's idiot proof. It's a nice tool and it's free.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

retsambew dash klat for Charity has started a new SEO contest in Google, for the search terms retsambew dash klat for Charity. The contest started on 4/1/06 and runs until 9/1/06, when the winner of the $5,000 first place prize will be announced.
This contest is alittle different than your typical webmaster showdowns, namely in that the domain must be new (rules out any domain age advantage and puts everyone on a level playing field) as of the contest date and nobody is scrambling to make a ton of keyword-stuffed-domain-names-with-the-retsambew-dash-klat-for-Charity-stuffed-in-them. Same thing goes for subdomains, that's a no go as well. Another thing that sets this seo contest appart is that a link back to the Webmaster-Talk website is not required, only a link to a charity of choice.
The retsambew dash klat for Charity SEO Contest theme is to Entertain, to Education, and to Give. Pretty noble if you ask me.

Pixel Script

After the teenager's sucess in making a million dollars from his website (, selling pixels has become one of the way of making money from a website..

How it works?

A webmaster creates a website which is loaded with a pixel script (available for a price or even free). This pixel creates an image area on your page which is devided by tiny pixels which can be bought by anybody by paying the fees fixed by the webmaster.

In, each pixel was sold for 1$ each. Minimum buying quantity is 100 pixels, which is a 10 pixel X 10 pixel area. This pixel can be used to put a logo ofyour website or an image and link to your website.

What you get from these pixels besides pixel envy?

As its a link pointing to your website, you will get an advantage in search engines. Main thing is the traffic you can drive from these pixels. As and how your image is big and attractive, it will surely attract clicks and visitors to your site.

A typical pixel script uses PHP and MySQL, so your website should have provisions for this if you would like to install one..

I found a good pixel script which you can buy for setting up your million pixel web page.

Writing a Business Plan

When you are creating your own SEO or online business, you will want to create a business plan that will cover all your bases. There are many reasons why you would want to create a business plan.

One of these reasons is to document goals, and expectations on the finances . This will give you a benchmark to compare your achievements with. It also forces you to sit down and go through the finances, marketing plan, market analysis, etc. By doing this, you will have a better understanding of the e-biz you want to create.

Having a business plan not only helps you with your own business, but it allows you to communicate with others about your business. If you are interested in obtaining a partner, or hiring an employee, having a business plan will be helpful to show them and they can get a better understanding of the structure and goals of the business in about a half an hour.

If you want to get a loan, or investments, having a business plan is absolutely critical. Bankers, and potential investors will look at your business plan. They will try to analyze it to see if you understand how to deal with the money behind the firm or not. It will also give them an idea of how you view ownership within the company.

If you would like more information on creating a business plan, or starting an online business please visit Creating an E-Business Plan. This site has much information on getting your new company off the ground and into the black.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Domain Name Life Cycle

1. A new domain name can be registered for a term of 1 to 10 years.. Before registration the status code for the domain is AVAILABLE

2. After registration , the status of the domain is ACTIVE, nobody else can register the domain name unless it is back to AVAILABLE state.

3. Once the domain completes the registration term, a reminder mail is sent to the domain registrant asking him to renew the registration. Once renewed, the domain goes back to state 1. If he fails to renew it the domain enters a period where the status goes to EXPIRED. Even during this period the registrant can renew the registration by paying normal renewal fee and domain goes back to step 1.

4. Once the domain passes the expiration period of 0 to 40 days, it enters a period called redemption period, which can be 0 to 30 days. During this period, again the registrant can get his domain back, but paying an additional fine to the registrar along with the renewal fee. Until the redemption period, again no others can register this domain..

5. At the end of redemption period, the domain may be deleted from the registry in 0 - 5 days. In this period, status of the domain will be PENDINGDELETE. Domains deleted are available for fresh registration as before step 1. Usually domains are deleted at 2 p.m PST.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Is India the destination for SEO and PPC?

India has been the top destination for call center, software development and other BPO outsouced projects. Now is it SEO which is going to hit India?

In Bangalore, I have already seen some companies starting up their divisions in search marketing (Both SEO and PPC) , in that a few of them are MNC's as well. These companies are basically in US and UK having their SEO and PPC operations being done in India.

After call center and software boom , Bangalore and other major IT cities of India are heading towards search marketing boom. As in internet marketing, lot of money is being spent and earned, it can surely be a rewarding career for somebody who love challenges and compete with other SEM guys around the world.

Be on a watchout..

carcasherdotcom seocontest

Another good contest for SEO's, the challenge is to get your website ranking #1 for the term carcasherdotcom seocontest . The seocontest is organised by carcasherdotcom .
The aim of the contest is to award a 12month contract to the one who has better potential to make any site ranking on Google, yahoo and MSN.

Monthly prizes for carcasherdotcom seocontest is 500$ (#1 in google),

This thread is in fact my contest page (

I am also competing for carcasherdotcom seocontest !!


We support CarCasher.Com

If you have any suggestions for improving my result in the contest, feel free to write to me in my email address webmaster[at]indiaforums[dot]com

I made an entry into carcasherdotcom seocontest on 3rd April, and I am yet to spot my website in SERPs today (4th April). Hope to be #1 on MSN first for carcasherdotcom seocontest and then on yahoo before coming on google.. !!

19th April : My entry for carcasherdotcom seocontest was spotted 8th position on , but unfortunately it dropped to fifties after that day.

23rd April: Some good news.. This page is found at 3rd position in for the keyword carcasherdotcom seocontest. is still sitting pretty at #1.. Hmm.. it will not be longer before I replace you :-)

So guys wait and watch SeoLion's performance in carcasherdotcom seocontest !!

02 nd May
May winners of carcasherdotcom seocontest are announced, there was a surprise growth for towards the end of April and made the site #1 in google. Congrats the webmaster of that site.

For yahoo and msn it was , the strongly placed site for carcasherdotcom seocontest , won the prizes. Congrats to its webmaster too. Also congrats carcrasherdotcom for timely announcement of winners.

Well as far as my entry for seocontest is concerned, it gave me lot of expectations, but finished at 5th spot in MSN and 58th in yahoo.. Once I spotted it at 8th position in yahoo, but due to a recent update, it dropped.

Focus is now for June prizes for carcasherdotcom seocontest !!

To tell more about me, I am an SEO from India, working with few finance related sites for UK clients. I do have my own sites as well.
I am not a veteran SEO, as I am into this field for last 15 months only. I had a personal website running from one of the free servers from my college days. My craze about the internet and websites started then. Today I am proud owner of a forum, a couple of directories, some blogs (including this one). I made an entry to this contest, just to know where I stand in this SEO world. Waiting for the next months results..

Update 15th May 06
Great news.. I spotted my entry for carcasherdotcom seocontest at 1st position in Hope it remains till the month's carcasherdotcom seocontest winners are announced..

Update: May 28th
Its bad news again.. this entry is way down in the ranking. Currently it is at #7.. Hmm.. Its time to put in some more efforts..

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What is PR ? Page rank basics

Page rank is a simple rating given by google to any page in a website. The scale is upto 10.
If your PR is high, it says google does give lot of importance to your page.

Check Index page is 10 PR.

Again a high PR comes from backlinks. That too not only number count, PR of the page which has the link also matters. If a 8 PR page contains your link, that weightage of 8 PR is propagated to your website. If you have too many 1 and 0 PR backlinks, the PR contributed to your web page is negligible and consequently your web page will not acquire a good PR.

oogle has its own pagerank algorith which determines the PR of a page from a number of factors like PR of page linking to , number of backlinks, link relevancy etc.

Google PR and backlinks are not live. It gets updated by google once in a while (not overnight). That is called a google update. There comes an increase / decrease in number of backlinks and PR. Usually PR does not guarantee ranking, but surely there is some relationship as both depend upon backlinks.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Basic SEO, On Page optimization - detailed

This part of the lesson is for beginners only........

Here I just want to point what exactly you will be doing in order to optimise your pages.
From scratch... You have a new website, with the design ready.. converted to HTML.

Create the home page of your website... Plan what pages you are going to add to the site (of course depending on the keywords you wish to target).

Prepare content for your page, having optimum keyword count in it. It can be anything in between 2-5%. Dont overstuff your keyword. Check the content for grammatical mistakes. Use mis spelled keyword, if you would like to target them (You can even get traffic from misspelled word searches).

Create a title tag which contains your main keyword near to starting of the sentence in title, create a meta description tag which describes what this page is about ( of course with the keyword in it), meta keyword tag which has the list of main keywords, seprated by a ",".

Now comes header tags (h1, h2, h3, etc) Use upto H4 and use headers containing your main keyword for that page. H4 can be used in footer as a copyright. H1 your main heading for the page. h2 and h3 accordingly. Use css for styles and keep the css in an external file.

Alt tags.. these are tags to be used along with images, will be displayed in the place of image if it fails to load. Keywords can be inserted in alt tags. Use alt tags for all images. Dont copy the same keyword in all alt ags of images. Instead use combinations of keywords.

Use title tag for links a href="http://seolion.blogspot" title="SEO Blog" is a typical use of title tag.

Plan a navigation structure of your site. navigation in thesense how easily a new visitor can go to a page what he is looking for. Each page must be linked at least from one other page. Use simple html text navigation. (No No to javascript dropdowns and flash navigation).

Create a sitemap.html file which has direct links to almost all your pages. As I told earlier, search engine crawlers travel through links. So Once a crawler reaches your sitemap, it can read all your pages from there..

This is a brief idea of on page optimisation. I will update when I find something which I haven't mentioned.

Thank you..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Iframe in seo and indexing issues


This information is for ones who use iframes or frames in your websites.
There is always a debate whether google indexes the page in iframes or a frame. Well.. I would say yes..

Still some may say that you need to still navigate to the iframe page using some links. Again I say that its not required.. Confused???

Its true and I personally experienced in the websites I was handling in my company. We had used iframes to show some affiliate marketing feeds. These iframe contents were served from a different server. One fine morning we found the index of these pages in google.

Again another question is does iframe pass PR? Yes is the answer, but it will be a diferent PR from the page it is embedded into. If a parent page is having 6 PR, you cannot take the iframe to pass the same 6 PR from a link on it. If you want to know how much is the PR of the included page, you need to open the iframe conent page in a browser and see the PR.

If somebody links to your site from a framed page and claims that the page is having 8 PR, you should not agree with him unless you find 8 PR for the iframe content page.

Any debates on this iframe and seo issue is greatly invited and you can post your views at SEO Forums

Monday, February 27, 2006

Meta Robots Tag - How to Use and When

This is an interesting tag in SEO, which is used by a very few.

The tag comes in the head part of an HTML document just like other usual meta description and keyword tags.

The typical use is

This says the robots, to index the page (i.e get the page informations and make it available for search results), follow the links (i.e. it can index the urls found as links in the page), and..

NOARCHIVE - it says the crawler not to show the 'cached link' after site details in the search results.

What does it mean to you??

This noarchive may be used by webmasters to hide the information presented to google. This is closely associated with presenting a different page content to crawlers and showing different page content to users. But always it cannot be so.
Some webmasters make the pages which requires user login, crawlable to google. Now user has two option to access the page - either by logging in or seeing the google cache of the page. This provides some propblem for the webmasters and in order to overcome that they may use noarchive.

Here the page is indexed just like a normal page but it will not be shown to public in the cache.

If anybody wants to use this tag specifically to google and leave other crawlers, they can use


The other two parameters - INDEX and FOLLOW can also be put to their negative ones - NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW

NOINDEX says the crawler not to index the page at all
NOFOLLOW says the craler not to follow the links on the page.


This says the robot to index the page and not to follow the links in it.

So this tag can be used for any page so as to serve a definite purpose.

Hope this information was useful to you.



Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Milliondollar script and webpages - buying pixels


I hope you would have already know a youngster who made a million dollar by selling each pixel on his homepage for a dollar each.

People who bought pixels from him, published banners or icons of their sites and linked to them. What they actually got is a link from a 7 PR page.

PR is the weight of the page determined by google and it is on 10 point scale. Maximum PR one page can get is 10. (Example is ).

Now seeing this great success, many others created page like this and started auctioning the pixels.

Some software companies started selling thier million pixel scripts and there were buyers too. This is one of the good pixel script available.

But.. I found some shortcomings in some of these scripts. Some scripts were accessed from iframes (inline frames). iframes are similar to usual frames, but the whole page need not be framed. Frames can be inserted to a normal page wherever necessary using iframe tag.

Problem here is, google indexes the parent page and one in the frame separately. So these pages usually will have different PR's. Usually everybody will be interested to see the PR of parent page only.

What I would like to say is you may buy a pixel from this website, hoping that you are getting a link from a good PR page, but it is acually not if the page uses iframe and your link is in this iframe.

So please take into account of this iframe as well before buying a pixel link from any of these sites.

Something which you may also be interested is the million clicks button which can give a good traffic to your website. You have another option to have your name published on their website as an internet record.

Setting up a million pixel business is very easy.. Get a script for it, get a website and set it up.. You might also want to see Business Management

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Getting in bound links to your sites

We'll see how you cam get a good number of inbound links to your site.

Mainly this can be achieved by
1. directory sbmissions
2. Link building
3. Article submissions

Links from directories have a good value and a bit difficult to get links as well. The no. 1 directory is , if you are successful in getting a your site listed in this, the same link gets copied to thousands of dmoz clones over the net. So one link in dmoz is worth many more.. These are also called one way links as mostly there is no need to give a link back to the directory.

Financial Directory and XA6 Directory are two good directories where you can have links to your sites.

Link building - in link building, webmasters usually exchange links between their sites. It can be site A - site B ( called reciprocal links) or site A to site B and site B in return to site C ( here A and B are from same webmaster and is called three way links ).

Article submissions - here we supply an article about some product or service we offer and get it published in article resources like PRWeb etc. Articles can also be given to other webmasters for publications in their websites.

Apart from these comes the links in blogs, forums, etc. myspac is an informative blog.

As of now reciprocal link building is loosing its value as google - the major search engine is able to identify the webmaster's effort in increasing the backlink count of his site by link exchange.

Apart from link building, people usually buy text links from other high quality websites. This acts as a one way link as you are not linking back in return, but paying for it.

Hope this was informative..


Link Price Calculator - webconfs

A good tool before you try to buy a link from any site. This tool gives an approx value for a link from a page depending on its own criterias like PR , backlinks etc..

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Optimize your websites.

Now lets see how to optimize your sites so that a possible top position in search engine is attainable. I told 'possible'... Means these things doesn't guarantee that your site comes withing top 3 positions but can get you top 10 if you really stick to it. Getting top 3 is little difficult but not impossible.

I will now discuss basic seo, by which your site can appear in serps and may even be in top 10.

The factors which make your website rank in a serps can be devided into onpage factors, offpage factors, and some portion which is non accountable and we dont have any control over it.

First of all, we need to decide on the keywords for which we would like our website to be shown in search results. For example 'personal loan' is a very competitve keyword and mostly searched for. There are many online tools available which can help you find a most competitve keyword from a starting search term. For each page, I suggest you select 3 closely themed keywords.

In on page optimization, we stress on meta tags, title tag, h1, h2, h3 h4 and alt tags.
I hope the reades has basic knowledge of HTML. If not please read the HTML tutorial from w3schools at

You have to frame title and description as proper sentences such that your keywords appear at least once and the complete sentence makes sense by itself.

Again in h1, h2, h3 and h4 tags, you frame sentences to include your keywords once.

Wherever images are present, the alt tag comes into picture. You can make the text appear as a tooltip of the image by putting the keywords in alt tags.

I told at least ONCE in all of the above, but there is upper limit as well. Overuse of the keyword will result your page stuffed with keywords and will be treated as spammed page. This could result in getting banned from seach engines.

Offpage optimisation refers to the inbound links to your website from other sites over the web. This has the major share in getting your website rank in a higher position.

One of the way of getting links to your site is by submitting your URL to good directories. Azook is one such good directory to have your links in. If you have a health realted site, eHealthSites Health Directory is a high quality niche directory.

I will explain the offpage optimisation in detail next time.

Friday, February 17, 2006

How your site is shown up in SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages)

If you are a newbie, have you ever wondered how it is decided what websites show up (and in what order) on the Search Engine Result pages?

First and foremost in getting listed in any SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) is that the website must be known to the search engine. Known to the search engine.........?? Yes.. The search engine needs to know that there is a website residing at this address ('i.e. ') and has so and so content in it..........

Now.. how do you let the search engine know that you have a website? Typically there are two ways.
1. Submitting your website URL, keywords and description in a search engine's ADD URL feature.
2. Some other site pointing to your site with a link so the search engine spider may follow.

Search Engine Spider........??????

Oh.. Sorry..

Spiders are programs used by search engines to read information from websites. These are also called 'bots' or 'crawlers'.

Now, once a website is known (in terms of the content in it) to the search engine, the search engine starts its calculation to give a positioning of the site relative to other sites having similar content.

For optimizing your websites to get them to top positions in google, you need to understand a bit of SEO (search engine optimization). Search Engine Optimization Articles and tips give you some information on it.

Every search engine calculates the ranking positioning using their own secret method of calculations. This is called the search algorithm of that particular search engine.

I will elaborate more on my further posts. It’s time to hit the sack today........


My First Blog in Blogger


its my first blog in blogger. I would like to use this blog to present informations I gathered in my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Programming Experience. It is for my reference as well as for those who have similar tastes like me. Stay tuned..

This blog is similar to SEO Expert Delhi 's blog contains some good information about latest trends in SEO.

Google adsense is a program thereby webmasters can monetise their websites. You may want to see Adsense Tips now to know about it and some tips to make your earning to grow.