Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Getting Sick of Internet Marketing?

With all the get-rich-quick schemes out there mixed with the hard work and long days, internet marketing can really get on your nerves. Everyone has a bad day now and then, some people just have more than others!

Finally, someone is taking the time to rant about all of the crap out there instead of blindly promoting every new product hoping for a commission. You can probably remember a time that you thought that internet marketing sucked. You’re not alone. If you want to read some funny (and informative) rants, check out the Internet Marketing Sucks Blog!

1 comment:

peter said...

just because anyone's Site unable to find the way to Google SERPs it doesn't mean that Internet marketing sucks. People Should ought to do something about it/ better fight against irrelevancy in Search engines (if u do have quality sites).