Sunday, February 04, 2007

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Thursday, February 01, 2007 sport drills

43drills is an interactive new Website for coaches, players and fans to offer tips, ideas and video clips for improving their game through the best basketball drills. 43 drills is full of basketball drills, fun drills, baseball drills, coaching drills, team sport drills, youth sport drills, and coaching drills.

One unique feature is you can sign up and share your favorite sport drills, and help others learn by sharing your great sport drill.

43 drills is valued by it's users and is a community that keeps growing and sharing. With that said this site does not have a price tag.'s purpose is a common place were coaches, players, and fans can come together and share, inspire, and improve! Basically there are the following 3 goals and ideas: it is a place for ALL to write down or show video clips of there favorite basketball drills, and users and visitors can view other users' drills or videos.

We feel as though, we are building a solid community of youth coaches, first time coaches, upward coaches, middle school coaches, high school coaches , and even college and professional coaches. To come together and share their drills, experience, inspire, and improve.

43 drills is already a PR3 and continues to grow each and every day. "43 drills" will soon have a solid baseball drill section for this coming fall. have partnered with Sacred Hoops , press releases, link exchanges, and offer a good content.

43 drills is always and continue to seek partners, provide quality content, and we will be soon starting to run contests.

If you have any questions, comments, feel free to contact us at