Monday, February 27, 2006

Meta Robots Tag - How to Use and When

This is an interesting tag in SEO, which is used by a very few.

The tag comes in the head part of an HTML document just like other usual meta description and keyword tags.

The typical use is

This says the robots, to index the page (i.e get the page informations and make it available for search results), follow the links (i.e. it can index the urls found as links in the page), and..

NOARCHIVE - it says the crawler not to show the 'cached link' after site details in the search results.

What does it mean to you??

This noarchive may be used by webmasters to hide the information presented to google. This is closely associated with presenting a different page content to crawlers and showing different page content to users. But always it cannot be so.
Some webmasters make the pages which requires user login, crawlable to google. Now user has two option to access the page - either by logging in or seeing the google cache of the page. This provides some propblem for the webmasters and in order to overcome that they may use noarchive.

Here the page is indexed just like a normal page but it will not be shown to public in the cache.

If anybody wants to use this tag specifically to google and leave other crawlers, they can use


The other two parameters - INDEX and FOLLOW can also be put to their negative ones - NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW

NOINDEX says the crawler not to index the page at all
NOFOLLOW says the craler not to follow the links on the page.


This says the robot to index the page and not to follow the links in it.

So this tag can be used for any page so as to serve a definite purpose.

Hope this information was useful to you.



Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Milliondollar script and webpages - buying pixels


I hope you would have already know a youngster who made a million dollar by selling each pixel on his homepage for a dollar each.

People who bought pixels from him, published banners or icons of their sites and linked to them. What they actually got is a link from a 7 PR page.

PR is the weight of the page determined by google and it is on 10 point scale. Maximum PR one page can get is 10. (Example is ).

Now seeing this great success, many others created page like this and started auctioning the pixels.

Some software companies started selling thier million pixel scripts and there were buyers too. This is one of the good pixel script available.

But.. I found some shortcomings in some of these scripts. Some scripts were accessed from iframes (inline frames). iframes are similar to usual frames, but the whole page need not be framed. Frames can be inserted to a normal page wherever necessary using iframe tag.

Problem here is, google indexes the parent page and one in the frame separately. So these pages usually will have different PR's. Usually everybody will be interested to see the PR of parent page only.

What I would like to say is you may buy a pixel from this website, hoping that you are getting a link from a good PR page, but it is acually not if the page uses iframe and your link is in this iframe.

So please take into account of this iframe as well before buying a pixel link from any of these sites.

Something which you may also be interested is the million clicks button which can give a good traffic to your website. You have another option to have your name published on their website as an internet record.

Setting up a million pixel business is very easy.. Get a script for it, get a website and set it up.. You might also want to see Business Management

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Getting in bound links to your sites

We'll see how you cam get a good number of inbound links to your site.

Mainly this can be achieved by
1. directory sbmissions
2. Link building
3. Article submissions

Links from directories have a good value and a bit difficult to get links as well. The no. 1 directory is , if you are successful in getting a your site listed in this, the same link gets copied to thousands of dmoz clones over the net. So one link in dmoz is worth many more.. These are also called one way links as mostly there is no need to give a link back to the directory.

Financial Directory and XA6 Directory are two good directories where you can have links to your sites.

Link building - in link building, webmasters usually exchange links between their sites. It can be site A - site B ( called reciprocal links) or site A to site B and site B in return to site C ( here A and B are from same webmaster and is called three way links ).

Article submissions - here we supply an article about some product or service we offer and get it published in article resources like PRWeb etc. Articles can also be given to other webmasters for publications in their websites.

Apart from these comes the links in blogs, forums, etc. myspac is an informative blog.

As of now reciprocal link building is loosing its value as google - the major search engine is able to identify the webmaster's effort in increasing the backlink count of his site by link exchange.

Apart from link building, people usually buy text links from other high quality websites. This acts as a one way link as you are not linking back in return, but paying for it.

Hope this was informative..


Link Price Calculator - webconfs

A good tool before you try to buy a link from any site. This tool gives an approx value for a link from a page depending on its own criterias like PR , backlinks etc..

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Optimize your websites.

Now lets see how to optimize your sites so that a possible top position in search engine is attainable. I told 'possible'... Means these things doesn't guarantee that your site comes withing top 3 positions but can get you top 10 if you really stick to it. Getting top 3 is little difficult but not impossible.

I will now discuss basic seo, by which your site can appear in serps and may even be in top 10.

The factors which make your website rank in a serps can be devided into onpage factors, offpage factors, and some portion which is non accountable and we dont have any control over it.

First of all, we need to decide on the keywords for which we would like our website to be shown in search results. For example 'personal loan' is a very competitve keyword and mostly searched for. There are many online tools available which can help you find a most competitve keyword from a starting search term. For each page, I suggest you select 3 closely themed keywords.

In on page optimization, we stress on meta tags, title tag, h1, h2, h3 h4 and alt tags.
I hope the reades has basic knowledge of HTML. If not please read the HTML tutorial from w3schools at

You have to frame title and description as proper sentences such that your keywords appear at least once and the complete sentence makes sense by itself.

Again in h1, h2, h3 and h4 tags, you frame sentences to include your keywords once.

Wherever images are present, the alt tag comes into picture. You can make the text appear as a tooltip of the image by putting the keywords in alt tags.

I told at least ONCE in all of the above, but there is upper limit as well. Overuse of the keyword will result your page stuffed with keywords and will be treated as spammed page. This could result in getting banned from seach engines.

Offpage optimisation refers to the inbound links to your website from other sites over the web. This has the major share in getting your website rank in a higher position.

One of the way of getting links to your site is by submitting your URL to good directories. Azook is one such good directory to have your links in. If you have a health realted site, eHealthSites Health Directory is a high quality niche directory.

I will explain the offpage optimisation in detail next time.

Friday, February 17, 2006

How your site is shown up in SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages)

If you are a newbie, have you ever wondered how it is decided what websites show up (and in what order) on the Search Engine Result pages?

First and foremost in getting listed in any SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) is that the website must be known to the search engine. Known to the search engine.........?? Yes.. The search engine needs to know that there is a website residing at this address ('i.e. ') and has so and so content in it..........

Now.. how do you let the search engine know that you have a website? Typically there are two ways.
1. Submitting your website URL, keywords and description in a search engine's ADD URL feature.
2. Some other site pointing to your site with a link so the search engine spider may follow.

Search Engine Spider........??????

Oh.. Sorry..

Spiders are programs used by search engines to read information from websites. These are also called 'bots' or 'crawlers'.

Now, once a website is known (in terms of the content in it) to the search engine, the search engine starts its calculation to give a positioning of the site relative to other sites having similar content.

For optimizing your websites to get them to top positions in google, you need to understand a bit of SEO (search engine optimization). Search Engine Optimization Articles and tips give you some information on it.

Every search engine calculates the ranking positioning using their own secret method of calculations. This is called the search algorithm of that particular search engine.

I will elaborate more on my further posts. It’s time to hit the sack today........


My First Blog in Blogger


its my first blog in blogger. I would like to use this blog to present informations I gathered in my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Programming Experience. It is for my reference as well as for those who have similar tastes like me. Stay tuned..

This blog is similar to SEO Expert Delhi 's blog contains some good information about latest trends in SEO.

Google adsense is a program thereby webmasters can monetise their websites. You may want to see Adsense Tips now to know about it and some tips to make your earning to grow.