Wednesday, June 28, 2006

business card design for less than $10

Business cards have for a long time been a sore spot for many companies. Nobody wanted to design their business cards, and company owners didn't want to pay to have them designed. Now, there are companies who will do business card design for less than $10 for a template. At $10, any company can afford business card design!

Monday, June 26, 2006

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Finding Memorable Domain Names

Finding memorable domain names is becoming increasingly difficult as most short domain names are no longer available. Finding short or memorable domain names with the .com extension is always preferred.

Hyphens are one option, but they make it more difficult to communicate the web address, and most everyone is used to typing domain names without hyphens.

Combining words to create an easy to remember domain name is an option, such as combining cyber and advantage for for an online marketing firm.

If you're having trouble finding memorable or meaningful domain names available, another area to consider is the domain name aftermarket. Quite a few quality domain names are for sale.

Searching for SEO related domain names at a popular domain name marketplace, we found on the first page. Catchy name, and probably available for a reasonable price.

Creating a memorable domain name is one of the primary concerns once you decide to create your online presence., An SEO friendly web directory

I've noticed that a lot of new sites are getting high serp in Google lately. Take a web directory launched a month ago, placed top 20 for keyword SEO friendly web directory in the first 2 weeks of launch and now in the low teens. Granted, A lot of webmasters are saying that newer sites mostly get high serp when they are new and slowly fades out. Google is getting slack, plus there is only 11-15 million return for that keyword anyway.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Black iPod Video at

Lately, I have really wanted one of those new iPod Videos, it would be so cool to be able to watch movies or listen to music where ever I am whenever I want. Problem is, I don't have the cash. I thought about an iPod Nano, which are totally sweet, but no movies. My friend told me about this cool site, you can get an iPod Video for under $20, if you are lucky. He told me about the site, since he won an iPod Nano and only paid $15. He hopes to win the Black iPod Video that is for sale right now, but I am going to win it! You should check it out too, just don't bid on the black iPod Video, it's mine!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Indian Webmaster met in Delhi

Indian webmasters and SEO's who are users of digitalpoint forums met in New Delhi. DigitalPoint is a very good meeting place for webmasters to share their views. More info about the meet and photos are found at SEO Meeting to be specific, at SEO Meeting Webmaster Pictures page.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Expert SEO. Search Engine Optimization tips and Tricks

I found a fellow SEO's blog - Expert SEO. Search Engine Optimization tips and Tricks, a cool one which explains from basics some good points about SEO. Few would also would like to see the proper use of robots.txt as explained in this blog. Cool one to have a good look.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Link Building Guide from Jim Westergren

Main factor for ranking in search engines (Google especially) is backlinks (Links pointed to your page from other websites).
I have seen a new excellent article from Jim Westergren: Link Building Guide.
This guide gives guidelines and methods for you to use in your link building, check it out!