Monday, June 26, 2006

Finding Memorable Domain Names

Finding memorable domain names is becoming increasingly difficult as most short domain names are no longer available. Finding short or memorable domain names with the .com extension is always preferred.

Hyphens are one option, but they make it more difficult to communicate the web address, and most everyone is used to typing domain names without hyphens.

Combining words to create an easy to remember domain name is an option, such as combining cyber and advantage for for an online marketing firm.

If you're having trouble finding memorable or meaningful domain names available, another area to consider is the domain name aftermarket. Quite a few quality domain names are for sale.

Searching for SEO related domain names at a popular domain name marketplace, we found on the first page. Catchy name, and probably available for a reasonable price.

Creating a memorable domain name is one of the primary concerns once you decide to create your online presence.

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