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Tata Indicom Broadband India - The worst choice ever

Now.. this is something which was expected much much earlier....
It says I am not the only one who is suffering with the services of tata indicom broadband from VSNL.
Here is a documentary of the pathetic service provided by tata broadband

At last I am kicking the connection out

I had a real test for my patience level with Tata Indicom Broadband, giving too many chances to them hoping that they will improve their services and give a trouble free internet experience - But It's not..

Last month I had a downtime of 10 days+ and as usual they are playing with me (As usual) not giving proper response whether they will give validity extension in lieu for the downtime.

So.. that ends it (of course not.. I have to send a legal notice to them and take my issues to the consumer forum as they have made me to suffer so far)

If you have used Tata Indicom Broadband, no need to explain to you how pathetic their service is.

I happened to be a customer of theirs and had a real test for my patience level. Read it more at Tata Indicom Broadband story.

Well I am not alone while expressing my experience to the public. I have seen a lot of bloggers like me expressing their frustration on Tata Indicom Broadband Internet connection. This is an attempt from me to group everyone together in my fight against the poor services provided by tata indicom broadband from VSNL.

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Here's My Story

In November 2005 I opted for a broadband connection from Tata Indicom Broadband from VSNL as I had no other provider in my area and being a small installation fee of 1000 Rs. But the service till now is really pathetic. Initially I used to have frequent disconnection, adding to worries, I had to spend of my mobile airtime calling customer service and raising complaint/follow up. There were instances where I made complaints / follow ups more than 10 times in a month with average calling time of 10 minutes.
many a times I had to give multiple complaints for the same disconnection due to this situation. My connection was down once, I complained to them, but they closed my complaint saying that same evening some representative had called me and found that it is working fine. I DIDN'T RECEIVE ANY CALL AND IT IS STILL NOT WORKING !! This is a real cheating from their end.
I had a little more annoying experience with them

I went in for an online renewal for my connection, after paying at the credit card payment gateway, getting back to their site, it showed an error page. (payment was completed, but a server error happened with their system). It took me 2 months to settle this issue and at the expense of 10 calls to customer care (average length of call - 12 mins from my mobile).

I never had a full month since last Nov in which I got uninterrupted connectivity. Every month I had to spent additional money in terms of my mobile bills (the calls I make to customer care).


Now I am using my airtel mobile connection and a mobile connected to PC for browsing as I can't rely on Tata Indicom Broadband any more as they will dump you when you are really in need of internet. Dont take tata indicom broadband internet connection and kick them out of industry.

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Updates on my issue on 16th jan 2007

In the month of September and October 2006, I faced 2 huge downtime of about 10 and 20 days.. Together 30 days..
All these days Tata Indicom VSNL people kept of charging 16.67 Rs per day from my prepaid balance. I informed that such thing is happening and I wanted credit of these many days where connection was down and charged. I never got a reply stating that we will credit.. Where is customer service here..

November 13, 2006 was the day my account was supposed to be renewed. I decided that I am not going to renew as these people will take advantage that I will continue to be a customer even if they didn't give credit for downtime. I informed them by email and calling customer service that I have decided to opt out of service unless they give full credit of 30 days of internet usage accounting for the downtime. My account went inactive due to non renewal and I had about 430 Rs balance in my account. One month renewal for their On and On 64 kbps package is 561 Rs. So my loss at that point was around 1000 not taking into consideration the cost incurred in calling to consumer support.

It is 16th january 2007 and a person from Tata Indicom broadband to enquire why I am renewing my account. I told the same old story which leads me to decide why I am not renewing my account. Finally what I heard from him is proceed to consumer forum and file case against tata indicom

Now its left to the reader to decide to take or continue with the Internet package from VSNL or Tata Indicom Broadband.

Please support me in this cause by spreading my word.

Updates on my tussle with Tata Indicom Broadband

Day before yesterday i.e 1st Feb. I got a call from one of the executive from Tata Indicom Broadband. She informed me that my account is inactive (I Know that) and there is some offer with which they can offer me 30 days validity extension at the expense of 200 Rs out of the 405 Rs balance I have. I told here yes and activate my account.
I was back on my Tata Indicom (Broadband is it ? ) connection. I felt at least I am able to use something what is owed to me.


Today i.e 3rd Feb which is a Saturday (You know saturday is a holiday even for tata indicom broadband connection), not to my surprise IT IS DOWN AGAIN ( OMG This shit again..).

I am not surprised, not angry.... BUT IT PROVES THAT THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS

The connection was back working very next day (Surprisingly !!). But I had by that time taken another internet week from Airtel mobile as I can't be without the link to the outside world :).

Saturday 24th Feb

Not a surprise again, the net is down. My modem light is blinking suggesting that there is some connection fault - something very usual on Tata Indicom Broadband VSNL network only. ( I am contacting airtel again for the slow internet (but always on) dial up connection on mobile)

Your usage has exceeded 80% of the validity in the Broadband Account

Thats the first mail (obviously from tata indicom broadband vsnl) I am seeing on connecting through my mobile on Saturday morning.

This is noteworthy to mention that they are very punctual in reminding you that "Your usage has exceeded 80% of the validity in the Broadband Account" , 90% etc.. Also you will get at least 3 calls from agencies offering renewal pack to my doorstep.


Why I should renew or buy something which I am not going to receive ?

Hope its not you who is going to suffer like this .........

Do you know Tata Indicom broadband is going to be a real looser in this story. They are having a close watch on this page to see what I am going to write next..

Here is the proof. They are in fact watching everyone who write their bad experience with tata indicom broadband..

Below is the visitor stats (especially the visitor activity from Tata Indicom Broadband - VSNL). Click on the image to view complete.

Updated stats on 1st march 07

Frustration continues

An executive from Tata Indicom Broadband kept on calling me asking why I am not renewing my account. hearing him plead to try it another time, on 12th of March, I took a new unlimited 128kbps pack and.......

Its 4th day today and my network is still down. The experiment to try Tata Indicom Broadband for the last time was an utter failure.

If you are a Tata Indicom VSNL Broadband Customer, and facing problems like me (I am sure you will be), throw them out.. switch to Airtel or BSNL and slap them on their face.. MAKE THEM SHUT DOWN

Tata's ....... Learn how to please customers rather than riding on the reputation you gathered in past for cheating customers now.

Here is a new slogan for Tata Indicom Broadband which I feel they can modify to market their services better.. !!

"Do More, Live More, Test your patience level with Tata Indicom Broadband" !!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Car Scratches ??

Car scratches is painful to an owner and the pain is more when the car is new. Finishing the car paint is done in the manufacturing unit using sophisticated machinery, but same cannot be afforded when you try to repair the scratch. Prevention is always better than cure.. So its always be careful not to make any scratches on car than thinking "How Much Does It Cost To Fix Car Scratches" . When car scratch really occur , you can go for a minor patch work , but there is no perfection guaranteed.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Car Scratches .... Dont think about it any more.