Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Milliondollar script and webpages - buying pixels


I hope you would have already know a youngster who made a million dollar by selling each pixel on his homepage for a dollar each.


People who bought pixels from him, published banners or icons of their sites and linked to them. What they actually got is a link from a 7 PR page.

PR is the weight of the page determined by google and it is on 10 point scale. Maximum PR one page can get is 10. (Example is statcounter.com ).

Now seeing this great success, many others created page like this and started auctioning the pixels.

Some software companies started selling thier million pixel scripts and there were buyers too. This is one of the good pixel script available.

But.. I found some shortcomings in some of these scripts. Some scripts were accessed from iframes (inline frames). iframes are similar to usual frames, but the whole page need not be framed. Frames can be inserted to a normal page wherever necessary using iframe tag.

Problem here is, google indexes the parent page and one in the frame separately. So these pages usually will have different PR's. Usually everybody will be interested to see the PR of parent page only.

What I would like to say is you may buy a pixel from this website, hoping that you are getting a link from a good PR page, but it is acually not if the page uses iframe and your link is in this iframe.

So please take into account of this iframe as well before buying a pixel link from any of these sites.

Something which you may also be interested is the million clicks button which can give a good traffic to your website. You have another option to have your name published on their website as an internet record.

Setting up a million pixel business is very easy.. Get a script for it, get a website and set it up.. You might also want to see Business Management

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HiiFii Webservices said...

Currently i see these scripts can be bought free of cost from many script sites.
These is no value in buying these pixels as they dont help us.
Unique is Unique so try to research on someother new idea and make it a launch rather than copying the million pixels sites.
Good Luck.
Amit Patel