Monday, February 20, 2006

Getting in bound links to your sites

We'll see how you cam get a good number of inbound links to your site.

Mainly this can be achieved by
1. directory sbmissions
2. Link building
3. Article submissions

Links from directories have a good value and a bit difficult to get links as well. The no. 1 directory is , if you are successful in getting a your site listed in this, the same link gets copied to thousands of dmoz clones over the net. So one link in dmoz is worth many more.. These are also called one way links as mostly there is no need to give a link back to the directory.

Financial Directory and XA6 Directory are two good directories where you can have links to your sites.

Link building - in link building, webmasters usually exchange links between their sites. It can be site A - site B ( called reciprocal links) or site A to site B and site B in return to site C ( here A and B are from same webmaster and is called three way links ).

Article submissions - here we supply an article about some product or service we offer and get it published in article resources like PRWeb etc. Articles can also be given to other webmasters for publications in their websites.

Apart from these comes the links in blogs, forums, etc. myspac is an informative blog.

As of now reciprocal link building is loosing its value as google - the major search engine is able to identify the webmaster's effort in increasing the backlink count of his site by link exchange.

Apart from link building, people usually buy text links from other high quality websites. This acts as a one way link as you are not linking back in return, but paying for it.

Hope this was informative..


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