Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pixel Script

After the teenager's sucess in making a million dollars from his website (, selling pixels has become one of the way of making money from a website..

How it works?

A webmaster creates a website which is loaded with a pixel script (available for a price or even free). This pixel creates an image area on your page which is devided by tiny pixels which can be bought by anybody by paying the fees fixed by the webmaster.

In, each pixel was sold for 1$ each. Minimum buying quantity is 100 pixels, which is a 10 pixel X 10 pixel area. This pixel can be used to put a logo ofyour website or an image and link to your website.

What you get from these pixels besides pixel envy?

As its a link pointing to your website, you will get an advantage in search engines. Main thing is the traffic you can drive from these pixels. As and how your image is big and attractive, it will surely attract clicks and visitors to your site.

A typical pixel script uses PHP and MySQL, so your website should have provisions for this if you would like to install one..

I found a good pixel script which you can buy for setting up your million pixel web page.

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